A brighter future through energy

At Molina Energy Services, we merge timeless expertise with forward-thinking solutions to power progress in the energy sector. Led by Manuel Molina, our mission is to light the way for sustainable and efficient energy projects across the globe.

Welcome to Molina Energy Services

At Molina Energy Services, we bridge the gap between tradition and innovation in the energy sector. Led by Manuel Molina, a seasoned consultant with a deep-rooted passion for advancing energy solutions, we offer a suite of services designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability across both conventional and renewable energy industries.

Our Services

With over 20 years of experience across global markets, Manuel Molina leads Molina Energy Services with a strategic vision for the future. His expertise encompasses not only comprehensive project management and client relations but also a deep commitment to leveraging new technologies for optimal efficiency and sustainability.

Drilling & Completion Fluid Services

Leveraging cutting-edge fluid technologies to optimize drilling operations, ensuring safety and efficiency from start to finish.
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Chemical Product Sales

Offering a curated selection of high-quality chemical products that meet the rigorous demands of both oil and gas and renewable energy projects.
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Data Analytics

Utilizing the power of data to inform decision-making, optimize operations, and forecast trends across the energy spectrum.
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Engineering Services

Providing bespoke engineering solutions that drive project success, whether it's in the exploration of natural resources or the harnessing of renewable energy.
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Chemical Lab Testing

Delivering precise chemical testing services to ensure product and process integrity in all your energy projects.
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Well Operating

Offering comprehensive well operating services that prioritize safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.
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Project Consulting

Drawing on Manuel’s vast experience to guide your projects from conception to completion, ensuring they meet industry standards and sustainability goals.
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Equipment Solutions

Harnessing Manuel’s deep industry knowledge, we offer equipment that enhances operational efficiency and meets stringent environmental standards.
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Why Choose Molina Energy Services?

Fueling Progress

In an industry often marked by division, Molina Energy Services stands as a testament to the potential of collaborative progress. Our mission is to support our clients in achieving their project goals through innovative solutions that respect both the environment and the bottom line. Manuel Molina brings together the best of both worlds, offering expertise that transcends sectoral divides and focuses on what matters most: delivering results that fuel progress and sustainability.


Happy Clients


Our Amazing Partners:

Our partners, specialists in various facets of energy development such as drilling, chemical solutions, and renewable technologies, significantly contribute to our ability to deliver comprehensive, top-tier services. These partnerships not only broaden our expertise but also ensure that our clients receive the most advanced and efficient solutions available today.

Together, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and driving success in every project, ensuring that our clients achieve their goals with exceptional results.

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